Set Canada Hoards $5 & $10 (NGC graded)


Country of Origin
Royal Canadian Mint
$5 and $10
Weight grammes
8,36 and 16,72
Fine Content
Depending on classification, see

The coins of this hoard were minted by the Royal Canadian Mint and were stored for over 75 years at the Bank of Canada, where they were part of the Government of Canada’s Exchange Fund Account, before being made available to collectors.

The Royal Canadian Mint’s Ottawa facility opened in January 1908, with a mandate that included converting Canada’s growing gold resources into dollar-denominated coins for circulation. From 1912 to 194 they produced $5 and $10 coins of 90% pure Canadian gold. The bulk of these coins were kept out of circulation at the beginning of the First World War as the government accumulated gold reserves to finance the war effort.

The obverse of these first Canadian gold coins carries the image of King George V, while the reverse features the inscription ‘Canada’ above a shield with the arms of the Dominion of Canada, a wreath of maple leaves, the year of issue, and the face value.

Rosland is able to supply limited quantities of 1913 and 1914 coins, assessed, graded and encapsulated by leading coin grading professionals NGC.

The size and color reproduction of the coins shown do not correspond to the actual coins.