About Rosland

Welcome to Rosland – the gold specialist

We focus on providing a wide and excellent selection of coins as well as other precious metal products to our customers.

In early 2014 Rosland (UK) opened it’s office in London, with a small group of experienced professionals on hand to advise customers and answer all their questions. The office has now grown and an experienced team are ready to assist you. We’re happy to talk about gold coins, prices, what to look for – anything to do with the fascinating task of creating your own collection of gold and other precious metal coins.

Your Gold Specialist can help you create a personalised portfolio tailored to your financial position and interests. We can assist you in selecting the right mix of older coins, newly-minted coins, graded coins and perhaps something from our remarkable SS Republic hoard, brought up from the bottom of the sea! There are also silver and platinum options to complete your personal portfolio.

Other Rosland locations

Rosland Capital in the US is based in Los Angeles, California and serves customers across the US. Founded in 2008 by Marin Aleksov, a 20-year veteran and specialist in the precious metals industry, Rosland Capital has become a leader in the industry in the US.

Rosland in Germany started in 2017. Rosland GmbH sells  collector’s coins in guaranteed top quality and in limited editions to retail and corporate customers.

The Book of Gold – Everything you need to know about gold

Call 800 902 0000 to receive your copy of the Book of Gold.

  • The exciting history of gold
  • How to buy and own gold
  • Coins and other precious metal products

Want to know more?

Rosland in London is staffed by knowledgeable, friendly professionals –

real people, here in the UK, not in some far-away call centre.

We are happy to assist you!

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